Loaded Tape Tin - Choose 3 Rolls - Hockey Tape
Howies Loaded Tape Tin (Choose 3 Rolls)

Howies Loaded Tape Tin (Choose 3 Rolls)

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Hockey players will never agree on the best way to tape a twig. Heel to toe or toe to heel? Black or white? Thick or thin? One thing everybody agrees on - there is nothing better than a fresh roll of Howies. We designed the Tape Tin to protect your tape from life in the hockey bag. Holding up to three rolls, the Howies Tape Tin guards your tape against dents, bruises, and dirt buildup - so your Howies tape stays fresh and applies perfectly - no matter how you tape your stick.

  • Holds up to 3 rolls of tape
  • Prevents dents, bruises, & dirt buildup
  • Locate tape quickly in hockey bag
  • Keeps tape fresh
  • Made in USA