World's Highest Quality

Howies Hockey Tape World's Highest Quality

World’s Highest Quality. These three words are the foundation Howies was built on, and it remains the same today. From the beginning, we had one simple goal in mind – to make the highest quality tape at the best possible price for our users – all while providing unmatched customer service. In time, we applied this same principle to laces, wax, and much more. Howies only offers products that meet all of our – and your – requirements for quality, durability, and ease of use. At Howies, we strive to uphold our standard of quality in three distinct categories: Materials, Performance, and the Howies Experience.

High Quality Hockey Tape Material


Howies uses only the finest quality ingredients in our products.  From the adhesive in our tape to the fiber in our laces, we ensure that our products are manufactured with, and only with, the best possible materials available.
Hockey Performance Tape


At the end of the day, performance is the determining factor by which we judge our products. All of our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet your performance standards.  We have done excessive research into what hockey players like, what they hate, and everything in between. The result is hockey accessories with performance you can count on.
 Howies Hockey Tape


Our company was built on two cornerstone principles – quality products and quality experience.  The crew at Howies has one goal in mind – to make sure you are 100% satisfied.  The Howies experience doesn’t just stop with great service.  Howies is a company built by hockey players. We understand hockey culture, we are proud of it, and we do our best to embrace it. 

 Howies Black Hockey TapeStick With the Best

Howies Hockey Tape is the highest quality tape on the market, period.  Boasting 68 strands per inch, our tape has the absolute tightest weave and highest thread count.  More thread means more tape, and more tape means extra coverage on your stick – simultaneously providing protection to your blade and superior puck control. Our heavy duty cloth is designed to our specs – its unique poly-cotton blend is moisture wicking, ensuring maximum longevity.  Our aggressive adhesive is the strongest on the market – it is consistently and uniformly pressed into the grains of the tape itself, resulting in a product with maximum adhesion and grip.  The final product is tape that we are proud to say is the World’s Highest Quality. 
 Hockey Laces

Spoil Your Skates

Howies Laces are the standard of quality.  All of our laces use a blend of wicking, high-tenacity fibers that ensure the highest possible performance and durability.  Our molded tipping process make broken and frayed tips a thing of the past.  Howies Cloth Laces are heavy duty, produced extra burley for amplified comfort - no need to fear getting lace bite. Howies Waxed Laces are double dipped in our special wax blend, ensuring consistent wax application with no risk of flaking.  They guarantee no slip and provide the snuggest fit desired.  Howies cloth or waxed laces, whichever you prefer, share one important characteristic – World’s Highest Quality.     

Treat Your Tape

Howies is all about quality, and our wax is no different.  Made from our proprietary blend of microcrystalline, paraffin, and other special additives, our wax provides superior puck control.  Our formula helps prevent pesky ice and snow buildup, preserving both your tape job and blade against the elements.  Howies Wax is the perfect consistency – not too gunky, not too greasy – for a superior, smooth application. Our wax is stored in a yellow tin, providing protection for your wax and alleviating any worry about your hockey equipment getting sticky.  Injected with our famous strawberry-kiwi scent, it smells so good you’ll want to eat it (do not eat!).  Best formula, smooth application, unequaled puck control – that’s what makes Howies Wax the World’s Highest Quality.
 Howies Hockey Tape Ironclad Guaranteed

Howies Ironclad Guarantee

World’s Highest Quality Products, World’s Highest Quality Service – that’s our ironclad guarantee.  If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our hockey tape, laces, or any other Howies product, let us know and we will make it right.  If we can’t, we will refund your entire purchase - you have no risk when you deal with Howies.