Retail and Pro Shop Sales

Pro Shop and Retail Sales

The Howies Promise

Howies is committed to providing your business with outstanding tape and hockey accessories at a low price. Whether you've got a chain of stores in California or a skate sharpening shop in New Hampshire, Howies will exceed your expectations and make sure you get taken care of. Our guys here are committed to making sure that your experience with Howies is unmatched in regards to the customer service that you receive and ensuring that it prompt, punctual, and precise.

Howies Pro Shop Pricing Guide Bulk Volume Discount Pricing

What Can I Expect As a Retailer?

As a retailer, your shop will be filled with the World's Highest Quality products. Ranging from tape, laces, and wax trifecta of essentials to big ticket items such as shooting pads, apparel, and skate guards, we've got you covered. As an added bonus, if you've got a cool little section in your store that bleeds Howies yellow, share it with us and we'll show the best ones some love on our Instagram page!

In order to get the ball rolling on getting additional marketing support from us, we have a wide supply of point-of-purchase items for you to use in your store - free of charge! We've got decals for your window, hanging cardboard signs for the ceiling rafters, and a display case for some of our products. We even have retail-ready packaging for a number of our products! Trust us - we've got this down to every last little detail. So if you've got an empty space on your wall for your poster or a cash register counter that needs a bobblehead, just let us know. We'll hook it up.

How Do I Get Started?

If this sounds like something up your alley, let us know. We can provide you with a quote on some pricing, along with a product guide that includes all of our products. We'll get you in touch with the right person.  Please reach out to our toll-free number or shoot us an email to get in touch with us!

Phone: (800)-699-5737