2.75" x 30yd Purple Pre Wrap  Howies Hockey Tape 1pk
2.75" x 30yd Purple Pre Wrap  Howies Hockey Tape 8pk

2.75" x 30yd Purple Pre Wrap

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<p><span>Unwrapping tape from your ankle shouldn’t feel like getting a wax. Say goodbye to those days with Howies Foam Pre Wrap. Designed to protect your skin, our colored pre wrap is self-clinging with zero adhesives which ensures that your skin remains irritation and harm-free. It can also serve as a flexible headband that moves with your body or as a placeholder for any gauze, pads, and other protective gear while complementing your team’s colors.</span></p>
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  • 2.75" wide x 30 yd
  • Self-clinging
  • Zero adhesive 
  • Made in USA