Why do hockey players tape their hockey stick?

While we all continue to buy roll after roll of hockey tape and do TJ after TJ but do we actually know why we are taping our hockey sticks? When it comes down to it, there are rather basic functions that hockey tape is servicing but if you have a tape that doesn’t have quite the right stick or falls off as soon as you hit the ice, you are going to be running into more issues than goals. 

So why do we tape a hockey stick?

Well, initially the tape is there to protect your hockey stick. You aren’t the only one getting bumps and bruises out on the ice, your twig can take a few smacks too and when you are spending a pretty penny on those sticks, you want to make them last as long as you can. On another level, there is puck control. As you continue to advance in your skill level, you will gain the ability to feel and control the puck when you’re stickhandling, passing and shooting. Adding some hockey tape to your stick helps add a bit of grip to the puck so you have more control on where you’re shooting and not slipping up when you’re trying to do a cross ice pass to a teammate. 


With TJ trends continuing to change and develop, we have seen some of the most outrageous and also underwhelming TJs appear. Whether it’s Pastrnak or the Stutzle, each player has a precise TJ they are using to benefit their game.

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