Here at Howies we know that taping your stick is an art. You can tape heel to toe, toe to heel, tape the toe or leave it exposed, you can even choose between black and white or even colored cloth. But have you ever wondered how players in the NHL tape their twigs? Most go the traditional route like you and I, simple yet classic. But these guys take TJs to a whole new level...
Ranger's player Artemi Panarin has a hard time choosing between white or black, so why not both? 
David Pastrnak of the Bruins clearly thinks less is more with his three strip design. 
Kevin Fiala, now a player for the Kings, takes a, how can we say it, minimalistic approach.
Blackhawks' Patrick Kane channels his inner youth hockey player and opts to mark up his tape job with a puck.
Tim Stutzle of the Senators draws inspiration from no-show socks, as his tape job covers just the toe.
Clearly your tape job is personal preference. Maybe even a bit of pre game superstition. Whether you choose to tape in a more traditional style, or like to create your own sty, you can always count on Howies to make any TJ the world's highest quality.