Howies x BLPA


When it comes to Beer League, we think of the Beer League Players Association. Being that most of our Howies crew is dedicated to playing Beer League (no, unfortunately none of us made it to the show) we saw nothing but a great collaboration with the BLPA! Traveling all of the States and even internationally, the BLPA successfully gives all of us Beer Leaguers an elite experience of being drafted to a great team with great sweaters, new friends and of course a few drinks.



If you are interested in following along on this tournament experience, check out the Beer League Players Association and join a great group of people who are all dedicated to keeping the great game of Hockey alive, even after our dreams of having professional hockey careers have since passed. And hey, if you happen to show up to one of these awesome tournament weekends, you may even find yourself a roll or two of Howies in your hands in the locker room! 


Click here to head to the BLPA