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The boys over at Going Bar Down took the time to review some products from Howies Hockey Tape! Check out what they had to say about us on their review! 


"We've all had it happen before, you pull a roll of tape out of your bag to tape your stick up - suddenly, it starts tearing right down the side leaving you with a frayed line of tape. Or worse, the tape starts to separate from the glue, and you're back to square one. Howies Hockey Tape set out to make a premium hockey tape to put an end to bad tape jobs (or TJ's as some call them). The company from Grand Rapids Michigan set out on a journey in 2002 to make better tape and now are one of the most well known names in the tape game!"


Tape It Up

All of us at Howies were tired of hockey tape that wouldn't stick properly or never lasted longer than one game so we took matters into our own hands. We designed and created Howies Hockey Tape to perform at the highest level with the best materials possible. With the highest thread count of 68, Howies is the strongest and most durable tape for your twig and offers the best adhesive for stickiness that always keeps you game ready! 

"Howies tape feels premium the second you pick it up, nice and soft, and the sides are super sticky. I didn’t want to put it down on my table for fear of some glue getting on it!  While that is bad news for my table, it is great news for your stick.  The tape peels off nice and easy, no tears or frays on the side, and easily on my stick for a fantastic fresh tape job.  Howies boasts an industry leading thread count of 68 threads per square inch, the tape is super solid.  I’ve noticed it definitely lasts longer than regular stick tape." 

Get a Grip

When it comes to creating the perfect grip, we know how integral the knob can be for players, that is why we created Howies Knob Tape! With the same high quality materials as our cloth hockey tape, we made a thinner roll so you can achieve the knob you need to grip it and rip it without splitting a perfectly good roll of Howies!

We also have two different styles of grip tape to keep that twig at a top-notch performance level! Whether you are using our Pro Grip or Stretch Grip, you will get the grip you need to have the dirtiest dangles on the ice! 

"You can’t get some fresh tape on the bottom and not spruce the top up!  I typically use regular old white tape up top, but using the Howies Pro Grip Tape feels way better.  Coming in every color under the rainbow, you can get your knob taped up in anything from white to black, pink to blue, or anywhere in between!  I’m a traditionalist so white is the perfect fit for me."


Wax On, Wax Off

Mmhmmm, smell that? Oh.. you can't smell our Stick Wax through the screen, almost forgot about that. We wanted a wax that was going to give you better puck control and also keep away the ice and snow buildup on your stock, but most importantly smell great! Well, it's not the most important part, but it definitely adds to the product! Created with a blend of microcrystalline and other waxes that give the puck control you need while also helping to prolong your tape job! 

"How can I forget about Howies wax?  It goes on easy and keeps my stick fresh for at least 2 periods.  No wax I’ve ever used kept my stick fresh all game – but that’s life for those of us without intermissions, floods between periods, and 5 backup sticks at the ready!  The scent is awesome, if I had one suggestion for Howies on this – Why not make a few extra scents?  Strawberry Kiwi is a great starting point but I’d love to see them have fun with more various colors and scents of wax!"

While we think different scents would be fun, we like to consider our scent to be special to Howies! Definitely something to consider for the future, I mean could you imagine playing a game with a stick that smelled like a chocolate cake? 

Lace Em Up

With a cloth and waxed option, we created our laces with the strongest high-tenacity polyester yarns, a molded lace tip and thick enough materials to have added comfort you need when skating. With that technology we were able to create laces that were durable, strong, made to last and helped players take their game up a level! 

"They were however kind enough to send some gear for my skates.  Some new laces and some fresh skate guards. The laces are high quality as expected – I prefer non waxed"

Protect Your Wheels

Howies Skate Guards have really taken steel protection to the next level! Your wheels are what get you from coast to coast so keeping them in top shape is key to rippin' rockets and showing out on the ice! Our Skate Guards are made extra beefy to keep your blades safe in your hockey bag and the dense terry cloth helps absorb moisture so you don't have to worry about rust. With a player number plate, you can sharpie the digits in so no one mistakes your wheels for theirs!

"The quality on the skate guards is something else, a super soft dense terry cloth on the inside, my skates are now treated to softer towels than I am getting out of the shower. The rubber bottom portion is super nice too, as it is stitched on so it will last a few seasons or more!"
"Comparing the Howies skate guard to my old ones, you can see some differences immediately. Obviously my existing ones are a few years old so we can’t rip on it for the wear and tear. One big different that I think will give Howies the edge in durability is the rubber guard on the bottom."


"The Howies unit has it’s rubber guard stitched on all the way from the front to the back. My old skate guard, the bottom portion was glued on and is coming loose on the back and the front. I don’t see this being an issue with the Howies guard. On top of that the terry towel liner on Howies is just miles ahead of the polyester inner of my old ones. My skates are now treated to a luxury rest after every skate!  Howies offers these in all sorts of colors similar to tape, so you can rock whatever color suits you best!"


 "We’ve been a big fan of Howies for a long time, and were super happy to review some of their products.  Get a roll of cheap tape and compare it to Howies and we know you can tell the difference.  The best part?  If you don’t think Howies has lived up to their billing they will take care of you, it’s right in their ‘Quality’ page.  Trying out Howies is basically a no risk proposal – If you aren’t happy neither are they!"

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