How To Store Your Tape (The Right Way!)

When you are heading to the rink with your full hockey bag in tow, are you throwing your hockey tape in, or are you putting it inside your Howies Tape Tin? The inside of your hockey bag can be just as harmful as the outside, believe it or not. Here are the Howies tips and tricks to storing your Howies to make sure it lasts and doesn’t lose its stick, because when you have the world’s highest quality hockey tape, you should treat it that way! 

Using the Howies Tape Tin

We designed the Tape Tin to protect your tape from life in the hockey bag. Holding up to three rolls, the Howies Tape Tin guards your tape from dents, bruises, and dirt buildup - so your Howies tape stays fresh and applies perfectly - no matter how you tape your stick. 

Using the Howies Accessory Bag

When you need to hold more than just tape, you can always rely on the Howies Accessory Bag. With two separate pockets - you’ll be able to hold your tape, extra laces, helmet repair kit, and stick wax all in one place. Our durable nylon construction ensures your tape will stay dry, clean, and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Keep Your Tape Cool and Dry

Storing your tape in the correct temperature is key to lengthening its life! When a roll gets too hot, it melts down the adhesive and doesn’t allow for the same high quality tape job. This means making sure your hockey tape isn't sitting on something that radiates high heat or not sitting in direct sunlight to avoid that issue. The best place for your box of tape is a dry, room temperature setting.

Post-TJ Procedure

After creating the perfect tape job, make sure you are sticking the excess tape on the roll back down properly or that could create fraying, attract dirt and dust, or disturb the start of your next tape job. To do this properly, make sure that excess tape is stuck down evenly across the roll, avoiding any part of the tape sticking off the edge of the roll. To get a nice clean cut, use Howies Tape Scissors.

Avoid Stringing Edges

During storage, be sure to keep your cloth tape rolls flat and secure wherever they may be. Bumping them against uneven surfaces can bend the edges, causing frays and those strings that everyone hates while taping your twig. 

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