The Howies Story

In 2007, Max 'Howie' Sieplinga got tired of subpar tape that fell off his stick halfway through the period. There had to be a way to both make better tape and get it to his teammates, buddies, and general acquaintances. So Howies Hockey Tape was formed on the values of quality and customer service, both in equal proportion. Starting out of his garage, then into a little warehouse space in downtown Grand Rapids, MI, where they had to hand load pallets onto semi-trucks forced to precariously back into the parking lot. Howies certainly had some humble beginnings.

Now Howies Hockey Tape has grown to serve the NHL, AHL, NCAA, as well as pro-shops and leagues not only in the United States, but across the world. With a retail presence on every continent except Antarctica (we're working on those penguins... they certainly have plenty of ice) Howies has grown into a global brand without abandoning those original principles. How do we do that? Well that's simple... we still care about quality and we still care about people. We are committed to producing the world's highest quality hockey tape while building the world's highest quality relationships. It's as much about people as it is about tape for us. They're the whole reason we got started.