Hockey Tape & Equipment Tips

Taping your stick and lacing your skates is all about preference. Some players claim it is an art. A good taper can spend an hour creating a masterpiece, while others are finished in seconds. Most players eventually settle on their own particular style. These "how to" videos provide a starting point for you.

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  • How to tape a hockey stick.

  • How to tape a hockey stick grip.

  • How to tape a goalie stick blade.

  • How to tape a goalie stick grip.

  • How to tape your shin pads.

  • How to lace your skates.

  • How to tie your skates.

  • How to use a skate stone.

  • How to choose the right length hockey stick.

  • Hockey essentials for your bag.

  • How to add a butt end to your hockey stick.

  • How to wax your stick blade.