World’s Highest Quality Hockey Tape

There are several producers of hockey tape around the world. We have tested and compared as many as we could get our hands on. Howies Hockey Tape is manufactured to our specifications. It is the only tape of all those tested that meets all our - and your - requirements for quality, durability, flexibility and ease of use.

Howies is the World’s Highest Quality Hockey Tape:

  • Howies Hockey Tape will last longer
    than any other hockey tape
  • Howies Hockey Tape uses stronger
    adhesives than any other tape
  • Howies Hockey Tape resists moisture better than any other tape
  • Howies Hockey Tape even applies smoother
    than any other tape
Quality Guaranteed

Howie’s Product Quality Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction! We strive to provide top quality hockey products and awesome customer service. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied or unhappy with our hockey tape, skate laces or any other Howies product we will refund your entire purchase price including shipping. You have no risk when you deal with Howies.